Friday, March 20, 2015

Mars and the Bunny

Anytime I hear classical music used in mainstream media or popular culture, I take's an all too rare occurrence. But sometimes it happens....and when it does, I am going to bring it to your attention!

Kia ran a spot last year that featured its back-up warning system. As the car backs into the garage, it gets closer and closer to a stuffed bunny, eyes wide and mouth open....surely about to be squashed. But the car stops within a hair of hitting the bunny. The visuals are excellent....but what makes the spot amazing is the music. It's the very familiar ending to Gustav Holst's Mars, from his orchestral suite The Planets. The Planets was premiered in 1918, and remains one of the most well known pieces in the classical repertoire.
Gustav Holst

I decided to try and find out who made the decision to use Mars for a commercial. Ad agencies and marketing firms have very sophisticated approaches to reaching targeted demographic audiences. Every detail is important and nothing is left to chance. Someone, somewhere came up with the idea to use a classical piece of music for this spot and I wanted to thank them and find out why!

I wish I could say I found my answer, but I can't. The spot was created by an advertising agency named David & Goliath. I contacted the agency and spent several weeks calling and e-mailing them to find out who the creative person was who chose the music. I was finally told that their legal department would not allow me to interview anyone because there are apparently some "strange stipulations that go into personal blogs". Hmmmm...

But the spot is very effective and you can see it here.

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